“It takes a long time to get good” – Scott Molina

Scott Molina was a professional triathlete during the 1980s and early 1990s. He duked it out at the Hawaii Ironman World Championship with fellow pro triathletes and Ironman legends Dave Scott, Mark Allen, and Scott Tinley. Today, Molina coaches triathletes and races occasionally.

I think about his quote often. It reminds me that triathlon is not, for me, a one time deal or a phase of my life. It reminds me that triathlon is a lifestyle I’ve chosen. And that to “get good,” whatever that means to me, doesn’t happen quickly. To me, getting “good” means staying healthy and uninjured, progressively improving my swim, bike, and run performance, making friends, and having fun.

As a coach, I encounter new triathletes who want to “get good” quickly. I have to explain that “getting good” is a progressive process and that trying to “get good” too quickly can lead to burn out and injury. I encourage these athletes to set intermediate goals that mark the progress they’ve made on their journey to “getting good”.

So, relax, enjoy the journey to “getting good.”