Functional Movement

Private Functional Training Sessions


Postural Stability for Performance (PS4p) Program

One on one sessions designed to teach people how to build a solid foundation for movement success.

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Measures seven fundamental movement patterns, that require a balance of mobility and stability, key to functional movement quality.

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Functional movement takes your joints through their full range of motion and engages the stabilizing muscles. Most of us understand that we need our muscles to be flexible to build strength and to reduce our risk of injury, but do we understand the difference between flexibility and mobility? Core strength and functional stability? Mobility involves the muscles and the joints, not just the soft tissue that we all traditionally stretch or foam roll. If the joint itself does not have the movement it needs, the limitation of the muscle will continue despite how much time you spend trying to stretch it. When it comes to stability, we all think of traditional core training, abdominal and back strengthening – both important, but what about all the other stabilizing muscles, AND, more important than the individual exercises that you are doing for those muscles, do you know how to activate them when needed for your sport. Awareness and activation of the muscles is often the limiting factor! Sports are not static; therefore, you must be able to activate the muscles dynamically for them to play a role in stabilizing your joints and body.

Private Functional Training Sessions

Postural Stabilization for Performance (PS4p) is a program designed to teach people how to build a solid foundation for movement success. According to the American Posture Institute, Postural Stabilization or Dynamic Control is “posture in motion, which requires simultaneous movement and stabilization”. As you move one part of the body, you must stabilize another to have balanced movements. Our bodies, like a house, need a solid foundation to perform throughout our daily life, and especially as we strive to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle or participate in sports at all levels. In the early years, as infants, we build this foundation through our natural behaviors of development as a human being. We depend on reaching those developmental milestones in order to lay the foundation for progression, learning to walk, run, jump, and climb. Over time our foundation begins to crack, leaving our body on an unstable platform that eventually will crumble, causing muscle imbalances, joint stresses, inflexibility, poor performance, and ultimately injury. Would you build a second floor on your house if you thought you had a weak or unstable foundation? Why then would you increase the reps or weights, or place the high demands of physical fitness on your body if your foundation were not solid?  PS4p is not a strength program! It is a movement program that will determine where your weaknesses exist and how to address them in order to gain overall strength. A licensed Physical Therapist and functional movement certified specialist, with 20+ years of experience, will teach you the fundamental concepts needed to pursue your health and wellness, or sport specific demands, by increasing your joint mobility and core stability, ultimately reducing your overall risk of injury.


Note: A Functional Movement Screen (FMS) must be done before starting private functional training sessions.

Pricing for Private Functional sessions is $85/30 mins


Functional Movement Screen

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a screening tool used to identify limitations or asymmetries. It measures seven fundamental movement patterns, that require a balance of mobility and stability, key to functional movement quality in individuals with no current pain or known musculoskeletal injury. The tests place you in extreme positions where weaknesses and imbalances become noticeable. If these basic movement patterns are not available, many athletes will begin to compensate for poor movement patterns, particularly with the dynamic demands of their sport. If these compensations continue, then poor patterns will be reinforced, leading to poor biomechanics and potentially, injury. The FMS and dynamic postural analysis will be performed by a licensed Physical Therapist.  You will receive a report on the areas that you need to work on and areas where you have strengths to build on. You can use this information to make changes in your current workout regimen, share it with your coach, or opt to come back for a 1:1 consultation (at an additional cost) with the Functional Movement training coach. 

Pricing for FMS is $150/45 mins