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Bike Fitting.
Metabolic Testing.

Welcome to Sport Speed Lab. This is our initial landing page. Over the next few weeks you’ll see this website grow. So, stay tuned.
At Sport Speed Lab we specialize in metabolic testing, bike fitting, endurance sports coaching and training camps. We make athletes faster.
Metabolic testing is the gold standard for setting training intensities for athletes. We can test athletes in almost any modality – treadmill running, bike trainer, rowing machine, Assault bike, x-fit exercises, outdoors, etc. The test will yield a report that details your heart rate training zones and/or power zones on the bike or rower. Your VO2 Peak or the peak rate at which you consume oxygen is determined. Your caloric burn rate for fat and carbohydrate is reported. And metabolic efficiency is determined.
Bike fitting is a key component to a successful triathlon race or road bike race. Our bike fitters use the Retul and Guru systems to dial in your most comfortable, aerodynamic and powerful position on the bike. Our fitters are Retul trained and certified and Slowtwitch FIST trained and certified.