Coaching provides training plans and technique adjustments to reach and exceed your goals.

Custom Coaching

Quality, specific, goal-driven training schedule designed around your work and life commitments.

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Face-to-face or virtual sessions to improve technique or knowledge for swimming, cycling, strength training, or nutrition.

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group Programs

Entry level training program to give you an opportunity to test drive coaching and a team workout environment. 

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Training Camps

Camps enhance your knowledge and fitness by having a dedicated, focused weekend for swimming, cycling, and running.

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Custom Coaching

Custom Coaching – Custom coaching provides you with a dedicated coach to build a quality training schedule specifically for you and your goals. A look at previous successes and failures, current fitness and training status, evaluation of work/life balance, strengths and weaknesses, and injury/stability history are all taken into consideration from day one of your training. Each one of your workouts comes with a specific explanation of how you are to do that session. Routine, consistent meetings are utilized to assess workout data, outcomes, and progress with each athlete. A key aspect of our custom coaching is providing education to you on the how and why your training schedule is written the way it is.

  • Goal-specific training schedule through Training Peaks
  • Functional and biomechanical movement analysis
  • Functional/strength training included in program
  • Race plan (nutrition and strategy) for goal events
  • Mental preparedness education
  • Unlimited communication
  • Biweekly face-to-face meetings with coach (virtual or in-person)

Custom coaching requires a training peaks account, fitness testing (additional cost), minimum 6 month commitment, $75 set-up fee for initial consultation, ability to schedule a time for meeting approximately every two weeks.


Custom Coaching + Data Performance Package – The data performance package adds an extra edge to custom coaching.  Testing and assessments will be done on a regular basis to provide more information to your coach. The knowledge gained will enhance the training protocol implemented for you and your goals. More face to face time will be incorporated to work on your weaker areas.

  • Everything Custom Coaching Includes plus…
  • Pre and Post ‘A’ race meetings
  • 1 personal training session per month
  • Twice yearly VO2 tests
  • 1 Pro Bike Fit per year

Custom coaching plus data package requires a training peaks account, minimum 1 year commitment, $75 set-up fee for initial consultation, ability to schedule a time for consultation approximately every two weeks, ability to schedule one-on-one session every month, ability to schedule fitness testing at the beginning of program and every six months there-after, ability to come to Frisco, TX for a bike fit every year.

Custom Coaching $150-$300/month
(fee depends on the chosen coach
and frequency of consultation);

Custom Coaching plus Data Package $375/month
(available coaches: Tommy or Kristen)


One on One Coaching

One-on-one private coaching is a session tailored specifically to you. You can utilize the session to work on technique for swimming, cycling, running, or strength. Videos on any one of these disciplines can be analyzed. The opportunity is available to do a consultation to discuss training, nutrition, or race strategy or to assess past performances.

  • Virtual or in-person
  • Customized for you
  • No long-term commitment
  • Traveling to your location*

One-on-one sessions require a 30-60 minute time commitment per session (determined by coach).  Traveling to coach’s desired location potentially needed.

Cost: $85* per session (30-60 minutes in length)

Multi-session packages available.
25% discount for semi-private (2-4 people at the same time).


*travel fees may be an additional charge

Group Programs

Group training programs are designed for the beginner to intermediate athlete. It is an opportunity to learn everything you need to know about training for an endurance event. You will get to try out what it is like to have a coach create, implement, and oversee your training.

  • Introductory consultation with certified coach
  • Detailed training plan loaded into Training Peaks
  • Weekly personal communication with Coach (via email)
  • Closed Facebook group for friendship, networking & support
  • Access to all Triple Threat Tough practices (at least 7 practices weekly)
  • Coached rides monthly
  • Certified, experienced coaches at all group workouts
  • Specialized workshops
  • Race planning help
  • Discounted race registration
  • Coaches on site on race day

Group training programs require a Training Peaks and Facebook account. All programs will run approximately 8-12 weeks. If participating in the triathlon program, you will need access to a bike and pool.

Cost: $249*. 10% discount if purchased 2 weeks out from start date. 20% discount if purchased 4+ weeks out from start date.

*Race registration additional cost.

Arkansas Training Camp

Spring: 4/28/2023 – 4/30/2023

Fall: 9/22/2023 – 9/24/2023

Arkansas training camp provides the novice, intermediate, or elite athlete the ability to take their training to the next level in this beautiful and scenic location. Being in a camp atmosphere is the best way to get focused for your triathlon season. For the beginner, your body and mind will begin to transform to become an endurance athlete. As an intermediate or advanced athlete, you will enhance your knowledge and get in a dedicated weekend for long training. Sport Speed Lab staff will be with you for every stroke and step of the way. This camp will help you be more efficient, smoother, smarter, and faster for your first, or next, event.

  • 3 Days of Professional Coaching
  • 3 Swim Work-outs
  • 2 Bike Work-outs
  • 3 Run Work-outs
  • 4 Educational Clinics
  • Training Nutritional Support
  • SAG Support
  • Goody Bag

Click here for sample agenda for the Arkansas camp


Arkansas Spring Camp

Dates: 4/28/2023 – 4/30/2023


  • $420 thru 1/29/23
  • $446.25 thru 2/26/2023
  • $472.50 thru 3/26/2023
  • $525 thru 4/16/2023

Registration link:

Arkansas Fall Camp

Dates: 9/22/23 – 9/24/23


  • $420 thru 6/30/23
  • $446.25 thru 7/28/2023
  • $472.50 thru 8/18/2023
  • $525 thru 9/01/2023

Registration Link: