Feeling Blah? Consider a Nutrition Detox

Feeling Blah? Consider a Nutrition Detox

Feeling Blah? Consider a Nutrition Detox

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During this unprecedented time, my body is starting to feel pretty BLAH. I can take a look at my nutrition and say, “how did I get here?” I honestly think about my nutrition all the time and log it every couple of months. Some weeks I’m really good and some weeks I’m not, but there always comes a time that I completely fall off the wagon and let my sugar and food addictions take over.

This is definitely the time that I have let that happen. I know it is happening but I just keep giving in to the voice in my head that said, “it’s just one day” and “it’s okay.” But the amount of food I started eating and the amount of sweet treats I am consuming is ridiculous and I can feel it.

The only way that works for me to get out of these habits and go back to consuming what is right for me is to be a little drastic. I do a detox for at least three days and up to 21 days. It’s the only way I can get my brain to change. It’s the only way I can understand hunger compared to cravings. So here’s what I do (we’ll use nine days for example since that’s what I’ll do this time around):

  • Days 1-3 only raw (cold, uncooked) fruits and vegetables and nuts, 100% juice, vinegar and oil, and 1-2 cups cooked legumes, squash, or sweet potato (I would only add this last part in if I am holding to regular workouts).
  • Days 4-6 same as days 1-3, but have lean meat with dinner
  • Days 7-9 same as days 1-3, but add lean meat and cup of whole grains with one meal each day.

After detox, I gradually add other foods back into my diet to see how my body responds. I like to add dairy back once I see how my body reacts to grains. Both products can upset my system and it changes every time I do this, but by cleaning out my system first, I can determine what’s causing any discomfort.

Side note on detox: I extend the first time period if I’m not starting to feel clean by day three and go until I do. That’s how the time blocks are decided. Because of my sugar tendencies, I typically only use fruit in the morning.

Here are the major feelings and inner dialogues that I go through each time I’ve done this:

Day One

  • Morning: “I can do this. I really need to get rid of this sugar addiction and lose some weight. It’s time to make changes.”
  • Afternoon: “I really want something sweet, but I can withstand it.”
  • Evening: “I’ve made it through day one. That wasn’t too bad, but I’m starting to get a headache.”

Day Two

  • Morning: “I have to break the habit of going to the cupboard for the morning cereal” and “I feel pretty greasy and sluggish today.”
  • Afternoon: “I would kill for something sweet!” and “I want to go to bed to just get this day over with.”
  • Evening: “I hate that I got myself to this spot and have to do this to change it;” “I could use some hot vegetables and meat;” and “I’m going to bed early to get this day over with.”

Day Three

  • Morning: “Hey, my bloated belly is gone and I actually feel energized;” “I slept really well last night;” and “I’m ready to take on the day.”
  • Afternoon: “I could use some meat tonight, but I get it tomorrow so I’ll fight through.”
  • Evening: “Definitely want something hot and flavorful. I’m tired of the bland, no sauce, no salt food.”

Day Four

  • Morning: “I feel great and slept awesome.”
  • Afternoon: “I could eat like this all the time if I felt this good.”
  • Evening: “Ah, meat!”

Any days past the first four are pretty easy. It’s all about realizing I need to eat smaller quantities and fresher food.

It may seem drastic, but this detox is the only way I can kick my habits and build a sound clean base for the “fuel” I put in my body. Sometimes it only takes three days, sometimes it takes three weeks for me to get it down.

Have you looked at your fuel lately? Do you need something to build a base from and figure out what might be causing upset stomachs? Have you been able to do this with other ways? Would love to see what you do.


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