Having Disdain for Indoor Training?

Having Disdain for Indoor Training?

Having Disdain for Indoor Training?

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In the south, there’s really no reason to do indoor training if you are smart about protecting your body from the elements. Temperatures around 40 degrees are fine for both running and cycling (even 30 degrees is fine for running). When you put on clothes don’t think about dressing to be comfortable while standing around.

You should be cold when you start; even uncomfortable. As you train, your body will heat up and your clothes will hold in that heat. The most important part is to make sure you cover smaller extremities like your ears and hands, even the head and neck.

For cycling, make sure that along with layers for warmth you wear an outer layer that protects you from the wind. Likewise, for running on windy days. Layers are important as you will heat up progressively. As you do heat up, you can lose layers and keep your body’s temperature controlled. Arm warmers and leg warmers are excellent for this. Eye protection should always be worn for safety and is key for protection from the cold. You can even wear clear lenses at night.

Enjoy the cooler temps while we have them…remember the 100 degree days will be here soon.

Now, get out there and train!

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