Motivation During Covid-19 Stay-at-Home


Motivation During Covid-19 Stay-at-Home

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During this Covid-19 stay-at-home that we are all experiencing it can be hard to stay motivated to train for our various sports.  Here are some thoughts on motivation and sticking to our training during this Covid-19 time.

  1. We are athletes. Athletes train.  So get it done!
  2. Understand and recognize the difference between motivation and goals. Goals are ‘what’ we will accomplish.  For example, finish Ironman Tulsa in under 14 hours.  If our goal race has been postponed or cancelled that shouldn’t change our motivation for doing sports and training.
  3. Motivation is our ‘why’. Why do we do the sports we do?  That hasn’t changed.  This shut-down time is an opportunity to reconnect with our ‘why’.
  4. Focus on becoming very healthy; both physically and mentally
  5. This is a good time to develop new and better habits around hydration, nutrition, recovery and sleep.
  6. Use this time without specific race goal-oriented training to develop new skills, improve form and improve technique.
  7. Finally, have fun. Try new sports.  Change up the training regimen.

We will eventually return to group training and racing.  Until then, stay focused on your motivations and what you can do.  If we can help just let us know.


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