The Benefits of Exercise

The Benefits of Exercise

The Benefits of Exercise

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Everyone knows that in order to be healthy, some sort of physical activity must take place within each day with the complements of proper nutrition. Unfortunately, poor habits and lack of routine may play a role in excluding both exercise and proper eating. Physical activity is beneficial to people in terms of providing more energy, the prevention of anxiety and other mental health issues, the ability to keep healthy eating in check, and much more. The idea for some can be a hard pill to swallow but with a change in thought and approach, becoming healthy and happy may not be so far out of reach as predicted. In regards to physical activity and maintaining healthy habits, the benefits are endless.

A particular benefit is that of providing more energy. After exercise, there is the infamous “high” that is produced with the elevated heart rate and release of endorphins. This can be sustained for an amazing two hours after exercise which can help change a groggy day into a more efficient one. In terms of exercising and replenishing macronutrients, it is important that there is no reward system that follows. Exercise and the energy that follows can be even more beneficial if the proper amount of macronutrients in quality and quantity are taken into consideration. For example, a lot of people unaware of this may overindulge on highly processed, sugary, high fat, high carb, or high caloric foods because the thought of a well-deserved meal after a hard workout is allowed. Energy can be lost with the high glycemic foods that follow causing the blood sugar to spike than to drop. It is important to be aware of what is consumed in correlation to exercise in order to have a sustained energy level.

A lot of people suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression because of the mounting pressures of work, family, and responsibilities. In times of stress, we forget ourselves leaving exercise and nutrition on the front door. Exercise can help suppress the symptoms of these mental health issues by “quieting” the mind and increasing self-esteem. The best way to battle these issues are to take time for oneself and exercise. The release of those “feel good” hormones and the momentarily lowered blood pressure can help the mind proceed normally and effectively. It is important to keep stress below the threshold so overall health is not compromised.

In terms of eating and trying new foods, it is one of my favorites. I can be quite confident that there are many that share my admiration for eating. The challenge with eating is to healthfully feed the body so that it may respond the way we need it to. Some may get a little carried away in terms of overindulging too many times so that we start either gaining weight, losing control, or poor habits start to stick. It is important to feed the body what it needs but on occasion eat for pleasure in moderation. The good thing is, exercise helps with cravings and is known to suppress them momentarily. More extensive and intense exercise does have an elongated effect on food choices and habits. Even a thirty-minute session of light to moderate walk can still help the mind choose better foods and in response make the body feel better. The Mental Health Institute provides research that amplifies the correlation of mind-body control and exercise. The promotion of stress on the body during exercise and the effects thereafter promote an increased effect in choosing better quality foods most of the time.

The benefits of exercise are endless and can have so many positive effects on the body and the mind. Allowing some time for oneself to exercise as well as eat healthfully can help the person get closer to their goals whether being an athlete or someone wanting to gain, maintain, or lose weight. Regardless, our bodies were made for movement and for a better response we need to allow it to extend itself. The benefits that follow can help change our health and thoughts.


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